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The Brand New 2024 Aston Martin Vantage GT3

Image Source: Zavatskiy Aleksandr / Shutterstock

Launching simultaneously with the global premiere of the all-new Vantage road vehicle, the recently unveiled Vantage GT3 showcases upgraded performance, enhanced dynamics, and a distinctive design, marking a significant milestone in Aston Martin’s esteemed motorsport heritage.

Sharing his insights on the latest GT racer, Aston Martin’s Global Chief Brand and Commercial Officer, Marco Mattiacci, remarked: “By unveiling the new Vantage and Vantage GT3 race car concurrently, Aston Martin affirms its dedication to crafting the finest sports cars globally and demonstrating their prowess on the race track. This also signifies a closer alignment between our road and racing initiatives, with Aston Martin Racing benefiting from the exceptional expertise, experience, and expertise nurtured in Formula 1® and present across Aston Martin Performance Technologies.”

“The outcome is an advanced GT racer; one that inherits the essence of the newest Vantage road vehicle while being finely tuned to meet the latest GT3 regulations. The new Vantage GT3 has garnered the interest of top-tier GT racing teams worldwide, following the footsteps of its prosperous predecessors. With an appetite for triumph and a commitment to further enhance Aston Martin’s impressive performance history, the Vantage GT3 aims for success in the most prominent endurance racing events globally.”

The Vantage GT3 represents a refinement of the Vantage GTE and GT3 models introduced in 2018. It shares its structural framework with the Vantage road car and is constructed around Aston Martin’s proven bonded aluminum chassis, propelled by a potent twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine. Equipped with a new aerodynamic configuration, revised suspension, and cutting-edge electronics, the car is poised to dominate the GT racing scene.

Crafted to adhere to all FIA GT3 class regulations, including the freshly introduced LMGT3 category for 2024, the new Vantage GT3 is equipped for global competitiveness and will partake in various GT series such as the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship, Fanatec GT World Challenge, European Le Mans Series (ELMS), and the Nürburgring Langstrecken Serie (NLS).

The development of the Vantage GT3 is the result of a collaborative effort between Aston Martin Racing (AMR) and Aston Martin Performance Technologies (AMPT). Adam Carter, Aston Martin’s Head of Endurance Motorsport, elucidated, “The novel GT3 is our inaugural opportunity to utilize AMPT to capitalize on the capabilities, ethos, and methodologies across Aston Martin’s diverse departments, integrated with the GT program management expertise of AMR. The GT racing program acts as a testing ground that will catalyze the exchange of knowledge and methodologies in shaping future Aston Martin road vehicles.”

Engineered to fulfill the targets set by AMPT and executed by AMR, the new Vantage GT3 incorporates enhancements aimed at refining handling characteristics to ensure utmost drivability for both professional and novice drivers. Following a comprehensive development regimen involving Aston Martin’s contracted pro drivers and selected amateur racers conducted last year, positive feedback was received, with the new Vantage GT3 being praised as a quick yet forgiving vehicle, characterized by a broad setup range suitable for elite GT racing demands.

Displayed is an image of the Aston Martin Vantage GT3. The lead engineer, Gustavo Betelli, was tasked with achieving the desired equilibrium between speed and drivability while adhering to the stringent regulations outlined in the FIA’s Balance of Performance guidelines. The primary focus was on enhancing the car’s performance across diverse circuits, tire compositions, and driver profiles, all while adhering to the latest regulatory standards.

“With the latest GT3 vehicles, aerodynamic downforce plays a more pivotal role than ever, prompting us to enhance the car’s stability during braking maneuvers. The preceding model tended to dive significantly under braking, necessitating efforts to control the pitch through the rear suspension setup. However, this led to increased rigidity, causing the vehicle to be less forgiving and impose additional strain on the tires. Through extensive damper tuning, we were able to achieve a superior balance with the new model, enabling us to generate downforce without compromising the suspension setup. The outcome is enhanced progression and increased stability in all conditions, leading to more uniform tire wear and providing teams with additional strategic choices. The feedback from test drivers has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly from amateur racers who have managed to approach pro lap times. The stage is now set for racing!”.

Aesthetically, the Vantage GT3 seamlessly blends the captivating design elements of the fresh Vantage road car with the high-downforce aerodynamics that are synonymous with GT3 racing, appealing to racers and enthusiasts alike. Extensive use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) was pivotal in achieving the desired aerodynamic performance and efficacy, all within the stipulated downforce constraints set by the FIA. Input from Aston Martin’s Design department ensured a harmonious fusion of functionality and aesthetics.

The outcome is a visually striking vehicle; seamlessly merging the robust and unique design language of the Vantage road car with the aggressive and poised demeanor of a purpose-built racer. A standout feature of the Vantage GT3 is the revised front end. The expanded grille aperture not only enhances the car’s visual appeal but also allows for increased airflow for brake cooling, ensuring consistent performance for drivers.

The front end comprises a single-piece carbon fiber clamshell featuring a quick-release mechanism for speedy replacement in the event of damage during a race. Housing a full-width laser light and a shorter splitter, the design shifts the center of pressure rearward to reduce sensitivity to pitch and enhance stability. Large louvers located on the upper part of the front wheel arches aid in expelling high-pressure air to minimize lift, while a more extensive array of louvers in the rear arches facilitates the escape of high-pressure air from the rear, consequently reducing drag.

With its broad eligibility, the new Vantage GT3 has become the preferred choice for numerous Aston Martin Racing partner teams globally, encompassing established partners like Heart of Racing and D’station Racing, alongside newcomers such as Walkenhorst Motorsport from Germany and ComToYou Racing from Belgium. Additionally, Flying Lizard Motorsports, previously associated with the Vantage GT4, is poised to transition to the Vantage GT3 in the US market. It is anticipated that up to 30 Vantage GT3 vehicles will be actively competing by the conclusion of the 2024 season.

The resounding popularity of the AMR-manufactured vehicle serves as a testament to its appeal, having already made its mark at events like the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and set to vie for triumph at prestigious races like the Nürburgring 24 Hours, Spa-Francorchamps 24 Hours, and the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans later this year. The Vantage GT3 will also make appearances in various national GT championships worldwide, including the Japanese Super GT Championship and British GT Championship, emphasizing Aston Martin’s leadership in global motorsport.

Since its debut on the international stage in 2012, the Aston Martin Vantage has consistently been a dominant force in elite GT racing circuits. With an impressive record of 52 class victories – the first of which achieved during its WEC debut – and 11 world championship titles, coupled with a plethora of triumphs in numerous national and international competitions, the Vantage name has become synonymous with GT racing excellence. A tradition that the new Vantage GT3 is primed to uphold.

Image Source: Zavatskiy Aleksandr / Shutterstock

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