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    The 2025 Honda Civic Serves A 50 MPG At A Cost Of $29,845

    Image Source: i viewfinder / Shutterstock

    Consumers in the market for an economical hybrid at a compelling price point should consider the 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid.

    Set to hit dealership floors on June 19, the 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid will boast a city fuel efficiency of 50 mpg with a price tag of $29,845, which encompasses a $1,095 destination charge. This model provides a more delightful riding experience than a Toyota Corolla hybrid and boasts superior layout and capacity when compared to a Toyota Prius.

    Below are insights from my test drive of a 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid prototype in Montreal the previous week.

    2025 Honda Civic Hybrid

    The revamped Civic array introduces a new set of engines this year. The entry model of the 2025 Honda Civic features a novel power plant: a 2.0-liter inline-4 with 150 hp and 133 lb-ft of torque, carrying EPA fuel economy ratings of up to 32 mpg in the city, 41 on the highway, and a combined 36 mpg. These figures are an improvement of 1 mpg in all categories over the previous 1.5-liter turbo-4.

    The Civic Hybrid couples that engine with a duo of electric motors, one directly engaging with the gasoline engine, resulting in a joined output of 200 hp and 232 lb-ft. This equals the horsepower of the sporty Si variant, and even bests it by 35 lb-ft. The power is directed to the front wheels, and unlike the Toyota Corolla hybrid, all-wheel drive isn’t an option.

    In urban settings and from a stationary position, the Civic Hybrid is notably agile thanks to the immediate torque from the electric motors propelling the compact sedan ahead. The powertrain might seem overly responsive in Normal mode, with the rapid torque causing the car to surge ahead. Switching the drive mode selector on the console to Economy addresses this by altering the throttle response to produce a gentler, progressive power arc. Activating Sport mode tweaks the throttle to the other end of the spectrum and maximizes power output from a standstill. While swift, it doesn’t offer the same gratification as the Si or Type R as the powertrain doesn’t wind up to high revs. Individual mode can be customized to the driver’s preference with variable steering heft, throttle responses, and engine sounds, along with different digital gauge layouts.

    The Civic Hybrid features four degrees of regenerative braking, with the initial level doing an effective job simulating engine braking. The steering wheel-mounted paddles let you adjust the regen levels, however, in my prototype, the other three levels wouldn’t activate. Another reviewer had a similar issue, but two others didn’t encounter any problems with the system. I’m eager to evaluate a retail model in the future.

    Every Hybrid model benefits from a more stable and refined ride due to recalibrated spring and damper settings, more robust front upper suspension attachments, a sturdier rear subframe, and lower suspension mounts. Even on a stone-street traveled at speeds slightly quicker than advisable, the Civic Hybrid maintained its composure, particularly impressive for a vehicle that, in the Sport Touring trim, is priced at $32,845.

    Civic Hybrid secures a 50 mpg credential

    According to Honda, the Civic Hybrid will receive EPA ratings of 50 mpg city, 47 highway, and 49 combined. During a blended driving session that included idle time in a parking lot for photographs, the indicated consumption averaged 42.9 mpg over a 38-mile stint. Considering my aggressive driving style, reaching the EPA’s efficiency figures in everyday conditions appears plausible.

    Civic Hybrid merges seamlessly, maintaining Civic aesthetics

    Spotting a Civic with a hybrid system under the hood will require discernment and familiarity with specific details. The lineup starts with the LX and Sport models, with the Sport Hybrid and Sport Touring Hybrid positioned at the summit. This year’s entire Civic range sports a revamped grill and polished front fascia as well as darker tinted rear lights. Models such as the Sport Hybrid and Sport Touring Hybrid are distinguished by black side mirrors, tinted trim, a grille border that matches the body color, a front spoiler, and 18-inch aluminium wheels.

    Internally, Civics come equipped with a 7.0-inch digital gauge display and 7.0-inch infotainment screen supporting wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. The premium Sport Touring versions opt for a more expansive 10.0-inch digital gauge screen and 9.0-inch touchscreen with Google built-in. Conveniently, actual dials and switches are retained for manipulating the entertainment volume and climate control system.

    At a height of 5-feet-10, I found the back seat spacious enough to be comfortable with ample knee, foot, and head space, even with the front seat adjusted to my own preference. Entry and exit is more straightforward than in the Prius, which bears a markedly sloped A-pillar for style and aerodynamics.

    The Civic consistently encompasses fundamental safety features such as automatic braking in emergencies, adaptive velocity control, and active assistance for lane maintenance. The comprehensive suite of active safeguarding technologies has been enhanced with superior sensors offering extended visibility (for the system). The lane assistance no longer shuttles the automobile within its lane and is quite adept at maintaining the car centered along its path, even through bends. The attention monitoring mechanism is composed of sensor arrays installed within the steering wheel, and in my prototype, there seemed to be indifference to whether my hands remained on the wheel. This may be subject to a software upgrade, since this is not a system that allows hands-free driving assistance.

    The Honda Civic represents outstanding value

    The base 2025 Civic LX is priced at $25,345, while the Sport variant is $27,345, situating the Sport Hybrid at a $4,500 premium above the standard model and $2,500 above the Sport variant. The fully-equipped Sport Touring Hybrid that I had the pleasure of driving will be available for $32,845. But the Civic Sport Hybrid is priced similarly to a base Prius yet boasts a more agreeable and luxurious interior. The Corolla Hybrid, while at least $5,000 less expensive than the Civic Hybrid, offers an interior that feels appropriate for a rental vehicle.

    Image Source: i viewfinder / Shutterstock

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