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Review of the 2024 Mazda CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus

Mazda CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus
Mazda CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus

The 2024 edition of the Mazda CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus makes an impressive entrance into the competitive compact SUV market by combining Mazda’s well-known driving characteristics with luxurious features. This particular model, with its striking design and strong performance, positions itself as an appealing choice for those in search of a combination of usefulness, elegance, and lively driving. My experience with the CX-30 provided me with valuable insights into why it remains a popular option in its category.

External Appearance

The CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus leaves a favorable first impression with its Soul Red Crystal Metallic outer coating, a hue that beautifully enhances its sporty style. The dark accents surrounding the edges and wheels contribute to its dynamic look, while the 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels add a touch of sophistication. Despite its compact size, the vehicle’s aggressive design makes it an attractive option for individuals who admire a sporty appearance in their SUV.

Mazda CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus
Mazda CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus

Internal Features

Within the CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus, there is a well-crafted interior that merges simplicity with style. The cabin’s design is focused on the driver, with comfortable seats and a visually pleasing dashboard layout. While the entertainment system could use an upgrade, the 10.25-inch central display is a notable improvement. The inclusion of a sunroof gives the cabin an open feel, and although rear leg space varies based on the front seat arrangement, there is ample room for groceries, skiing equipment, or general luggage.

Motor and Gear System

Beneath the bonnet, the CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus is equipped with a robust 250-hp SKYACTIV-G 2.5 Dynamic Pressure Turbo engine. Paired with a SKYACTIV-DRIVE 6-speed electronically controlled sport automatic transmission, this engine provides rapid acceleration and responsive power distribution. The potent engine combined with the smooth transmission results in an immersive driving experience, representative of Mazda’s emphasis on driving pleasure.

Driving Experience

The driving experience of the CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus is marked by nimbleness and ease. Its small dimensions, along with precise steering and a generous turning radius, make it ideal for urban driving, where maneuverability and parking are crucial. The heads-up display, which presents speed limits and current speed, enriches the driving experience, adding both convenience and safety. The vehicle’s capability to navigate heavy traffic effortlessly and its limited blind spots, aided by features such as Blindspot detection lights on the mirrors, contribute to a confident and pleasurable drive.

Mazda CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus
Mazda CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus

Safety Measures

Safety is a top priority in the CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus, evident from its extensive array of safety features. The vehicle is equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems to provide peace of mind for both the driver and passengers. The SUV’s sturdy construction and safety technologies collaboratively ensure a safe driving environment, making it a trustworthy option for families and individuals alike.

Final Thoughts

The 2024 Mazda CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus emerges as a formidable competitor in the compact SUV sector, providing a well-balanced blend of style, performance, and utility. Its sporty exterior, comfortable and luxurious interior, powerful engine, and agile handling make it a premium choice for those seeking a versatile vehicle that does not compromise on the enjoyment of driving or luxury. With its wide range of features and Mazda’s distinctive driving characteristics, the CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus is poised to cater to a diverse audience of SUV enthusiasts.

You can acquire a Mazda CX-30 starting from $24,995. The Turbo Premium Plus model has a starting price of $36,800.

For the latest information from Mazda and more details on the CX-30, please visit the following link:


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