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Honda Calls Back Nearly 2.5 Million Vehicles

Image Source: Anders Nilsson - Sthlm / Shutterstock

With a revelation from NHTSA on Tuesday, Honda is initiating a recall for a total of 2,539,902 vehicles within its complete range, including models under its deluxe Acura marque. The reason behind the recall is a potential failure in the fuel pump leading to engine stalling. This recall is an extension of the initial recall announced in May 2020, which was further broadened in March 2021.

The issue lies in the impeller of the fuel pump, which may deform over time, resulting in various complications. Apart from the risk of engine stalling, drivers might observe the illumination of the check engine light, experience difficulty in starting the vehicle, or encounter intermittent power loss.

The models covered by this expanded recall are as follows:

– Honda Accord: 2018-2020

– Honda Accord Hybrid: 2017-2020

– Honda Civic coupe, sedan, hatchback, and Type R: 2018-2020

– Honda Clarity PHEV: 2018-2019

– Honda CR-V and CR-V Hybrid: 2018-2020

– Honda Fit: 2018-2019

– Honda HR-V: 2018-2020

– Honda Ridgeline: 2018-2020

– Honda Odyssey: 2018-2020

– Honda Insight: 2019-2020

– Honda Passport: 2019-2020

– Honda Pilot: 2017-2020

– Acura ILX: 2018-2020

– Acura MDX and Hybrid: 2018-2020

– Acura NSX: 2017-2020

– Acura RDX: 2018-2020

– Acura RLX: 2018-2020

– Acura TLX: 2018-2020

Although there have been 4,042 warranty claims related to this issue, Honda has confirmed no incidents of injuries or fatalities linked to it.

Affected owners will receive official notifications via mail starting February 5, 2024, guiding them to schedule a visit to their nearest Honda or Acura dealership for the fuel pump replacement. Those who have already incurred expenses for this repair may qualify for reimbursement.

Image Source: Anders Nilsson – Sthlm / Shutterstock

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