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1986 Ferrari Testarossa Crafted By Pininfarina Has An Impressive Design & Power

Image Source: Dmitry Eagle Orlov / Shutterstock

Revealed for the first time at the Paris Auto Show in 1984, the Ferrari Testarossa, envisioned by Pininfarina, astonished onlookers with its distinctive aesthetics, exceptional performance, and technological innovations. Leonardo Fioravanti, a designer and expert in aerodynamics, renowned for his creation of contemporary Ferraris, conceived a style that marked a departure from the dated Berlinetta Boxer.

Ferrari undertook a substantial gamble with the Testarossa as they endeavored to enhance sales volume, particularly in North America. Their objective was not only to manufacture a top-selling vehicle but also to set fresh benchmarks for their brand. The Testarossa not only delivered outstanding performance but also tackled the cooling and interior heating issues of the 512 BB by siting radiators on each side of the vehicle, augmenting the car’s width by 12 inches and the wheelbase.

Undoubtedly, the increased space facilitated generous storage and passenger room, but the most remarkable design element was the daring utilization of the immense side apertures, complemented by five horizontal blades or strakes, which visually dispersed the spacious intake chambers while also satisfying U.S. safety regulations for open ventilation. Any controversy surrounding the progressive aesthetics was promptly quelled by remarkable performance figures and ultimately groundbreaking sales.

Propulsion for the fresh design emanated from a novel Ferrari four-valve, horizontally opposed, 12-cylinder engine capable of generating 390 hp. Rapid and proficient at elevated velocities, the Testarossa was luxuriously appointed internally with leather seats and a broad console. The sizable trunk and comfortable driving position made it an excellent choice for relaxed long-distance high-speed journeys.

Early editions are recognized for their solitary side mirror, positioned high on the driver’s side A-pillar, labeled “Monospeccio”. Subsequent series vehicles would feature dual mirrors sited in a lower position, eliminating one of the most distinctive characteristics of this car. And although these truly pioneering vehicles solidified Ferrari as a trailblazer in design and technology, even after 35 years have elapsed since its introduction, the Testarossa still serves as an enduring symbol of advanced design.

Image Source: Dmitry Eagle Orlov / Shutterstock

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